These decals are perfect for labelling boxes, drawers, caddies, bottles or anywhere you would like to organise. Included in this bundle are - Softener, Pegs, Washing Powder, Vanish & Dishwasher Tablets. We have a range of fonts and colours for you to choose from.Please be aware that our bundle labels are printed to a set height of up to 3.5cm. Therefore if you have a longer word it may be more compressed than a shorter word.Decals are NOT dishwasher safe and we recommend that they are not soaked or scrubbed. For best results we advise that you use a soft damp cloth to wipe clean.Listing is the decal set for sale only not the items.

Laundry & Washing Bundle

Font colour
    • Labels will be printed and cut ready for application. Please see our 'Care & Application' page for instructions on application and caring for your decals. 

    • We have a range of fonts available, please note there are some font styles that may have letters that do not sit in line horizontally.

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